The purpose of this document is to regulate and establish the terms and conditions for the use of the gift card, also called “PUMA Gift Card”, hereinafter referred to as the “PGC”, and / or the “PUMA Merchandise Cards”, also known as “PMC”, both collectively referred to as the “PUMA Cards”, which will be issued by PUMA Chile SpA., tax payer number 88,887,900-5, hereinafter referred to as “PUMA Chile” to natural and / or legal persons, entities and / or institutions legally organized and validly existing in Chile.


1.1. The PGC is a prepaid card issued by PUMA Chile which represents a fixed nominal value in money.

1.2. The PUMA Cards may only be used to pay, in whole or in part, the purchase price of one or more products marketed in those establishments consisting of commercial stores that legitimately operate under the names of “PUMA Stores” or “PUMA Outlet Stores”, as well as in any other format PUMA may dispose that can be used and informs the public, all located within the Republic of Chile, hereinafter referred to as the Stores, and individually the Store.

1.3. The PMC is a card issued by PUMA Chile that represents a fixed nominal value of money generated by the return of products previously purchased in the Stores and as long as said return had occurred within the 30-day voluntary return period provided by the policies of return from PUMA Chile.

1.4. The PUMA Cards will be valid and, consequently, they will enable their owners, users or holders to buy products under the terms established herein, only when the copulative requirements stipulated in Clause FOURTH, as applicable.

1.5. The PUMA Cards are not subject to the regulations included in Chapter III.J.3 of Central Bank’s Financial Regulations Compendium on Payment Cards with Provision of Funds.


2.1. The terms and conditions established in this instrument constitute a contract between PUMA Chile, on the one hand, and the acquirer, holder, or user of the PUMA Cards, hereinafter referred to as the “Client”, on the other.

2.2. By the mere fact of the acquisition of a PUMA Card, or of the presentation at a Store for its use, it is understood that the Client irrevocably and fully accepts these terms and conditions, without reservation or exclusion.

2.3. Likewise, the mere fact of acquiring a Puma Card obliges the acquirer to report the terms and conditions of this instrument to the person (s) to whom the Puma Card is delivered, so that they can use it in the best and most efficient way possible.


3.1. PUMA Cards are a means of payment to the bearer, recognized only and exclusively at the Stores.

3.2. Puma Cards can only be used for the cash payment of all or part of the current price in the respective Store, at the time of the purchase operation, of one or more goods being sold at said Stores.

3.3. PUMA Cards are not rechargeable, so if after use, the available balance of the PGC or PMC has been exhausted, it will be retained at the Store where the purchase was made.

3.4. The loss, deterioration, theft, and unauthorized use of the PGC or PMC will be the sole responsibility and risk of the Client and will not be replaced or changed.

3.5. The PGC or PMC and the funds available at any time in them are not refundable or exchangeable for money, credit or instrument representing money or credit. The funds available in the PGC or PMC do not accrue readjustments or interest, nor may they be used to pay utility bills, insurance, other gift cards, or other services of a financial nature or of any other nature.

3.6. The Stores will not be obliged to accept the PGC or PMC in fortuitous cases or force majeure, as could be verified, for example, with the failure or malfunction at the Stores cash system.

3.7. The PGC will be valid, not extendable, for twelve (12) months from the date of its activation, as indicated in clause FOURTH below. The PMC will be valid, not extendable, for six (6) months from the date of its activation, as indicated in clause FOURTH below.

3.8. The information contained in the Stores cash systems regarding the amount of funds available in a PGC or PMC and the history of issuance, existence and use of a PGC or PMC, issued at any time, will make full proof between PUMA Chile and each and every Store, on the one hand, and the Client of same, on the other.

3.9. The Stores will issue the sales ticket subject to VAT for the product or products purchased by the Client through the PGC or PMC and will be delivered together with the purchased product.

3.10. You can use your PUMA Cards to pay for your items until your balance is zero. If your PGC or PMC balance does not cover the entire purchase, you can complete your payment using other payment methods, such as paying in cash or with a credit or debit card. Any remaining balance on your PGC or PMC can be used on your next purchase but cannot be exchanged for cash.

3.11. Return of products purchased with a TRP or MRT

3.11.1. Our return policies and the 30-day voluntary return period apply to the return of goods purchased with a PUMA Card (using PUMA cards as full or partial payment along with an alternative payment method).

3.12. We handle refunds as follows:

3.12.1. If you are returning items that were paid for using only PUMA Cards, you will be issued an PMC for the amount returned.

3.12.2. If the returned items were paid for by a combination of a PGC or PMC and other payment methods (e.g., credit card, cash, etc.), then we will make a preliminary cash refund up to the amount actually paid for the alternative method. For the remainder of the refund, a new PMC will be issued. (Example: Your purchase value is $ 12,000 of which $ 8,000 was paid with a credit card and $ 4,000 with a PGC. You return items from that purchase with a value of $ 9,000. We will refund you $ 8,000 in cash and we will issue a new PMC worth $ 1,000.)


4.1. Each Puma Card will be assigned a number, automatically at the time of issuance.

4.2. Each PGC may not have a minimum initial amount of funds less than $ 10,000.- nor an amount of funds greater than $ 400,000 in the case of natural persons. In the case of companies or institutions, the PGC may not have an initial minimum amount of funds less than $ 100,000.-, nor an amount of funds greater than $ 2,000,000.-. Each PMC may not be issued for an amount greater than $ 200,000 in any case.

4.3. The PGCs acquired by companies or institutions will be activated after 48 hours of receipt by the purchaser, and after confirmation of payment and / or means of payment. The PMC will be activated from the moment it is delivered to the Client.

4.4. In the case of PGCs acquired by natural persons, they will be activated when the funds available through them are received, at the place where the PGCs are acquired.

4.5. The modality of PGC payment will always be in cash, in the case of natural person Clients the means of payment will be in cash, debit or credit card. In the case of Client companies or institutions, the cash payment will be in cash deposit or by electronic transfer.

4.6. The validity dates printed or attached to your PGC or PMC apply. After the expiration date, PUMA Cards cannot be used for purchase. Any remaining balance will not be refunded.

4.7. You can check the balance on your PUMA Cards directly at our Stores, or online at by entering your PGC or PMC number and PIN.


5.1. The TRP is valid as a copayment when making a product exchange.

5.2. The carrier or user of a Puma Card may not request that the amount or balance that exists in the Puma Card or in instruments representing money or credits be delivered, or money transfers to other cards.

5.3. It will only be possible to use a maximum of 10 PGC or PMC in the same purchase and there will be the possibility of buying 10 PGC per ticket.

5.4. We do not collect any personal data in connection with your use of the PUMA Cards. With respect to the purchase / issuance of PUMA Cards, our privacy policy applies to our handling of any personal data collected and processed in the course of this transaction.


6.1. These terms and conditions are available to the public at our Stores and at

6.2. For inquiries, the Client may call the telephone number or come to any of our Stores.