Where can I get PUMA Cards?

You may purchase PUMA Gift Cards in our participating PUMA operated stores in the UK, Ireland and on uk.puma.com or ie.puma.com.

PUMA Merchandise Cards are issued by PUMA in the scope of customer service processes and PUMA Promotion Cards are issued from time to time with regards to special promotion events and in accordance with specific terms and conditions; neither of these PUMA Cards is available for purchase.

Where can PUMA cards be redeemed?

PUMA Cards purchased or issued in a PUMA store in the UK or Ireland or on uk.puma.com and ie.puma.com can be redeemed in every participating PUMA store throughout the UK and Ireland or online on uk.puma.com and ie.puma.com.

How do I activate my PUMA Gift Card?

The physical PUMA Gift Card is inactive until activated by a participating PUMA operated store.

Electronic PUMA Gift Cards will be delivered electronically via email in an activated state and will be ready to use upon receipt. Please save the email that includes your electronic PUMA Gift Card information so that you may access it.

What is the maximum amount I can upload on a PUMA Gift Card?

PUMA Gift Cards can be charged up to a maximum value of or equivalent to GBP 1.000,00 when purchasing in a store in the UK or on uk.puma.com or EUR 1.000,00 when purchasing in a store in Ireland or on ie.puma.com.

Can I recharge my PUMA Card?

Sorry, we cannot add more value to an already activated PUMA Gift Card. But you are more than welcome to buy a new one.

Where can I check my balance?

You may check the balance on your PUMA Card directly in your participating PUMA store, or online at giftcard.puma.com by entering your PUMA Card number and the PIN.

What if I lose my PUMA Card?

Handle your PUMA Cards with special diligence and treat them like cash. We assume no liability for stolen, lost, damaged or misused PUMA Cards once they have been delivered/issued and activated.

Please see our PUMA Card Terms and Conditions for full details.